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The Manual Creating Process Of The Nephrite Brush Washer

The crafting process of the nephrite object Brush Washer in the period 15th-17th century, the era of late Ming to the early Quien Long, took over a decade.

Nephrite has a Mohs hardness of 6-6,5. Therefore, it could not simply be drilled or cut using tools made of other stone or the available metals copper or bronze, since these tools were much smoother; copper and bronze have a Mohs hardness of 3 only.

The nephrite had to be shaved slowly and persistently, using quartz sand, which was continuously sanded over the object with wooden parts or metal parts until the desired shape appeared.


fine dragons and bird figurines created by abrasion

Traces Of The Abrasion Process Inside The Vessel

Abrasion and slicing were combined to highlight the filigree lines and shapes, the fine clouds, and the dragon figures from the jade stone.

The delicate filigree traces of the abrasion are valid as proof of authenticity and serve the assignment of the period of origin of this important historical art object. (See the photos below, taken from the inside of the vessel)


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