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Fine Art Prints-Finding The Best Value

Fine Art Prints are an affordable alternative, yet they too can be pricey. How can you tell if that Fine Art Print that’s caught your eye is more than just another pretty face?

Limited edition reproductions (Fine Art Prints) are multiple copies of the same image, but produced in guaranteed limited numbers. Most limited editions are signed and numbered by the artist with a commitment that no other reproduction of the image will be made.

Artists’ prints are handmade and are not reproductions of paintings. The print is a unique work of art. Editions tend to be less than 200, partly because the materials used to make the prints wear out.

Fine Art Prints are artworks in and of themselves, and may be handmade by artist-printmakers (artists’ prints), digitally printed (giclée), or photomechanical reproductions (offset lithographs).

Giclée prints are made using digital printing technology, usually inkjet. The technology enables users to produce small runs of prints. It also allows retailers to offer ‘print on demand’ services. Here you can select an image and it is printed out there and then.

An open-edition reproduction print can be produced in the image and any quantity may also be used in other ways, such as on tableware. Open editions tend to cost less than limited editions and are much less likely to increase in value.

Several factors influence the price of Fine Art Prints:

You’ll be happiest with a  fine art print that you personally like. Fine Art Prints can sometimes be a good investment. The best way to get the most for your money is to enjoy it every day as it graces your home.

Artist and Rarity

The art prints of even the same artist may have widely ranging prices. The more valuable print may be part of a limited edition run of only a few copies, while the more affordable from a larger open-edition run. Research into an artist’s place in the art world will help you ensure you’re getting a good value.


Larger prints tend to cost more than smaller ones. This rule of thumb is less valid for older prints than for modern ones.


Provenance, or the item’s ownership history, can influence value. Prints from a famous collection will usually yield a premium.

The Fine Art Prints of even the same artist may have widely ranging prices. Modern Fine Art Prints are often numbered by the artist himself, i.e., “34/ 100” (number 34 out of an edition of 100).


It’s not unusual for older fine art prints to have some flaws. While minor flaws such as slight soiling are considered normal, depending on age, other defects, such as trimming into the image or heavily faded colors, can reduce the value of a print considerably.

Seals, signatures and editions

Before the twentieth century artists did not routinely number nor sign their prints by hand. While modern Fine Art Prints are often numbered by the artist himself, as we mentioned above.


A matter of opinion and personal taste, the subject of a print has a great influence on value. Wouldn’t you be willing to pay more for an image that you like?

Today more and more artists (photographers as well as painters) are offering their high quality fine art prints in the internet. Hence you may find a lot of amazing Fine Art Prints in good populated and trustworthy online-shops like shop.desiremesh.com, which delivers artprints  in best quality, limited editions, produced and signed by the artist.

Quality of Impression

Prints taken early from a plate or woodblock are more detailed and precise in lines than later impressions. Look to the numbering (i.e., 15/ 450) to determine what place in the run the print had.

Hence my conclusion is: Art prints can sometimes be a good investment. And the best way to get the most for your money is to enjoy it every day as it prettifies your ambience.[:]

[:en]Photography Art – Worthy To Collect[:]


Photography as an Art

Adding colors, adding a sense, adding a life to something that is non-living is an art. Photographs of various natural instincts bring to our imagination of photography being a defined art. Oftentimes photographs depict a lot about a person, that person themselves are not aware of.

Did you know that Photography being an Art is also a challenge?

Characterizing the true self out of a non-living thing, it brings life into the picture that can be so dead. Just think of the simple image of nature. By Photography you can bring those simple image alive by adding definitions and colors to it to make it alive in the eyes of the viewers.

Photography as an art has just been recognized in the recent years. And over the years people have accepted the secrets of it and what it can portray. It regulary depicts the known from the unknown; it is an art of going to the depths of understanding the vitality and the nature of any picture.

Photography brings dreams to reality

It also is a beautiful art of imagination, it is an art of dream and it is an art of bringing the dream to reality. The major sequence of photography you can see through various examples given by the photographers of the past.

Meanwhile Photography-Art has taken its place and fame in the market today. It has not diminished rather it has found a way to win hearts of many people .

Hence we do value it as one of the beautiful definitions of an art that expresses the picture portrayed. The three components linked with photograph are artist, medium and the artwork. And these three components are inter-related to each other.

Finally you may think of those many artistic photographic giants in the past like Henri Cartier Bresson, Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange who proved themselves in the field of photography. And today there are many photographic artists like Lea Schock (who is a painter as well) or others who make their work known to the world through their finest art of photography by portraying it on the website or online-shop.

Did you know that many people found photography to be a mere reproductive medium and therefore it really struggled for one and half centuries? Fortunately those days are gone! Hence you can trust me, it definitely is art work! Keep in mind, that it needs a lot of talent and imagination to portray and expression through a simple portrait. It is an art of recognizing the minutest effects on reaching the heart of the picture. And it is one of the beautiful definitions of an art that expresses the picture portrayed.

Photography being an Art is a Challenge

Because it is depicting the true self out of a non-living thing. Photographs of various natural instincts bring to our imagination of photography being a defined art.

And the best thing is that it is the imagination of head and it is the imagination of thoughts. One can get easily engrossed in the line of photography. There are many photographers who spend hours throughout the day, in defining the simple clicks and making them alive.


[:en]Lea Schock: Art against Terrorism[:de]Lea Schock: Kunst gegen Terror[:]


Terrorism in Paris, 13. november 2015

Lea Schock, the day after:

This painting is dedicated to all victims, their dolorous friends and families.

It’s my expression of deep solicitousness and communion.


Lea Schock, France, 11/14/2015


Terror in Paris, 13. november 2015

Lea Schock, am Tag danach:

Dieses Bild ist allen Opfern, den trauernden Freunden und Familien gewidmet.

Es ist Ausdruck meiner tiefen Anteilnahme und Verbundenheit.

Lea Schock, France, 14.11.2015[:]